Canon T6i vs Canon T6: Qualities for consideration

If you are a photographer or have strong interests in photography, then the subject of quality will always surface when you thinking about the choice of a camera. One of the daunting tasks often arises when you have to choose between the Canon T6i vs Canon T6.

By any general standards, both are great cameras. However, a closer analysis of these two cameras will reveal a set of differences that will help you in making the right choice. When you compare the T6i and T6, you will notice some of distinct features that will help you in making the right decision.

Canon T6i lenses

First, considering the ISO range, the T6i beats the T6 in this category. Whereas the T6’s ISO range stands at 12800, the T6i’s range stands at 25600. Secondly, the T6i offers a better resolution in terms of higher megapixels. The Canon T6i lenses offers you 24.2 MP compared to 18MP offered by the T6.

Thirdly, the T6i stands out when it comes to LCD resolution. While the T6 offers a resolution of 921,600 dots, the T6i offers 1,040,000 dots. Fourthly, there is a marked difference between these two cameras when it comes to image resolution. The T6’s resolution stands at 5184 by 3456, which is slightly less than 6000 by 4000 provided by the T6i.

One cannot fail to notice the variation that comes with the JPEG bugger size associated with these two cameras. For instance, T6 comes with a Bugger size of 15 compared to the T6i’s unlimited size.

Of course, T6 also comes with a host of benefits that outweigh the T6i. For example, it has a shorter start-up time of 0.5 seconds compared to T6i’s 0.9 seconds. The T6 boasts of a longer battery life of 500 shots, which is higher than T6i’s 440 shots.

Canon T6i vs T6

While these differences are worth considering when thinking about the Canon T6i vs Canon T6, the Canon T6i stands out in terms of quality photography. Considering the cost, the T6 comes at a less cost compared to the T6i. As such, it is a great camera for those who are venturing into photography. However, if you are looking to enhance the quality of photography, then the Canon T6i is what you need.